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Here is what patients have said about our doctors…


” I drive 3 hours from Yuma to Phoenix a few times each month to see Dr. Aaron Trombetta and it is well worth the long drive! Both Dr. Aaron and Danielle Trombetta are always very accommodating (especially when I get stuck in traffic) and it is very assuring. Not only do they provide great atlas orthogonal care, but it is evident that they truly care about each of their patients as an individual. I would highly recommend Dr. Aaron and Danielle Trombetta at Gentle Touch Head & Spine Center!”

-Virginia Fisher



“Dr. Danielle Trombetta is wonderfull! I found their office after researching the Webster Method in hopes of changing the position of my baby who was breech at 32 weeks. Not only did she get him to flip into normal position in two weeks, I was able to deliver my first child with only 20 minutes of pushing. She alleviated the pain in my joints during my final two months of pregnancy and during the postpartum period. I now recommend her chiropractic care to any pregnant woman. She felt like a partner during my pregnancy and I will remain a patient of hers for years to come!”

-Jenna Hilton



“I can’t say enough great things about both Dr Aaron and Danielle Trombetta. They are the epitomy of professionalism and compassion. With a thorough assessment and a few timely adjustments, Dr T was able to get my Atlas realigned and teach me strengthening exercises and stretches to enable me to continue as a competitive athlete. At age 50 I have been able to represent our country in the oldest international bowling event (32 games), Win a regional event 24 games, and bring home the USBC women’s team title. I could only compete at the highest level with the help of Dr. T. and his team. Thank you for keeping me together and teaching me how to maximize my bodies potential.”

-Brenda Burns



During Pregnancy…

“I can’t say enough about this office and their professionalism. Dr. Danielle Trombetta has  treated me for the last couple months of my pregnancy and she has been simply amazing. Initially, she spent a great deal of time with me to really accurately assess my condition. After that, her chiropractic treatment has been thorough and perfectly tailored to my needs. She is professional, passionate about what she does, fair and honest. My results have been wonderful and I would recommend this practice to anyone.”

After Birth…

“Dr. Danielle Trombetta’s care  was instrumental in helping me have the birth experience I had always dreamed of with my second child.  After having a very difficult labor with my first child, I was directed to Dr. Trombetta for her expertise in the Webster Method.  I found Dr. Trombetta to be professional, caring and friendly.  She was always kind to my four year old daughter and she and her husband have a wonderful family friendly practice.  Because of her care, I was able to have a very quick, all natural, beautiful six hour labor.  My first labor was thirty excruciating hours with back labor!  I am now a believer in chiropractic care for pregnant women and I would highly recommend Dr. Trombetta to any mommy-to-be!”

-Kathryn O’Steen



“I am incredibly grateful for finding, Dr. Trombetta at Gentle Touch Head & Spine Center. Being a former professional dancer and understanding the importance of getting results coupled with working as a flight attendant (being able to fly anywhere to get to the right chiropractor) led me to an endless cycle of disappointment. I have suffered with Plantar Fasciitis and Posterior Tibial Tendonitis for way too long and tried everything from: rolfing, cortisone, orthotics, shockwave, graston, adjustments, top podiatrists that work on top athletes etc. It was exhausting, expensive, ridiculous and frustrating to have an injury last this long with no relief and healing. Dr. Trombetta with his expertise, approach and treatment of Atlas Orthogonal, C1 alignment rid me of not only the foot pain instantly, my neck, back and hip has never felt better and was a bonus. He is genuine, caring, patient, kind and is so interested in getting you back to optimum healing and balance. He does not lead you to come back when you do not need it and as far as the demeanor of both himself and his wife…they immediately feel like friends. If you are wanting real honest care with tremendous results that are unrivaled…you deserve to have them get you back to feeling back to the best you have felt and then some.”

-Alan Luzietti



‘I started seeing Dr. Danielle Trombetta during my pregnancy due to significant sciatic pain.  Her chiropractic care was the only thing that made me feel better.  As an additional benefit, I no longer get headaches!   She has truly made a significant difference in how I feel every day.  Dr. Trombetta started providing care for my son shortly after he was born and has helped to make him a happy, healthy baby!”

-Lisa S.



There. Are. No. Words. to express how very grateful we are that we found Dr. Danielle Trombetta.
After having a breach delivery our newborn daughter needed care, especially on her cranium.

Dr. Trombetta was able to get us in quickly at a convenient office location, and spent a lengthy amount of time with us – understanding our concerns and identifying our needs for our daughter. She worked calmly, delicately and compassionately with our little one during her adjustments. I greatly appreciate that she used her hands and no instruments to adjust our newborn. I never felt rushed during our appointments and appreciated the positive energy she shared.

Sadly we relocated to another state and are no longer able to see Dr. Danielle. We have been searching for months to find a good chiropractor for our daughter but no one comes close to what we became accustomed to with Dr. Danielle.

Not only was she all the things I listed above but she also did amazing work on our daughter. As we interview new practitioners we are told over and over how “perfectly symmetrical” our daughters head is and how well she is aligned especially for a breach baby.

There are so many children we see that have the Doc-Band helmets for their head restructure. Thanks to Dr. Danielle, our daughter never needed one. So, as I said at the beginning of this, “There. Are. No. Words.” for the work Dr. Danielle Trombetta has performed for us, we highly, highly recommend her services.

-Jessica Trent


I came to Dr. Trombetta during my first pregnancy and I am so happy that I did. Her knowledge, skill and passion for her work shine through in her care. Every appointment was thorough and my questions and concerns were answered and addressed. Our baby is six months old and our family continues to receive excellent care at Gentle Touch Head & Spine. We highly recommend Drs’. Aaron and Danielle Trombetta!

-Erin Lorrigan